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I've listed many of my favorite Web sites and books throughout the chapters of Substitute Teaching from A to Z. However, many, many more useful resources are available, and I've developed this page to provide you with additional resource recommendations. These suggestions will broaden your knowledge of teaching, provide you with useful suggestions and hints, and inspire you in your quest for improvement. Click here return to our home page.

Subbing Resources

These resources provide much useful information for subs.

Substitute Teaching Institute
Developed by Utah State University, this is probably the most comprehensive site addressing substitute teaching.—Substitute Teaching Resources
Contains a number of useful tips and guidelines for subs. Also has a number of pointers to subbing sites.

Substitute Teaching—Tricks of the Trade
Excerpts from a book written by a substitute teacher.

Substitute Teaching—Hotlinks
Links to over 30 Web-based resources for substitute teachers.

Substitute Teacher Survival Site
Pointers to a number of subbing resources and many more pointers to sources in the language arts, poetry, social studies, maths and other topics.

Substitute Teaching: An Insider's View
An useful article on substitute teaching by Deborah Bouley.

A Packet for Substitute Teachers
Suggestions for your 'bag of tricks, fun whiteboard topics, testing, puzzles, games, stories and other topics.—Subbing Chatboard
A chatboard where subs share their stories and suggestions.

TeacherVision—Substitute Teacher Resources
Pointers to a number of subbing resources.

Tips for Substitute Teachers
Basic guidelines and do's and don'ts for subs.

Substitute Teacher Board
Suggestions for your 'bag of tricks, fun whiteboard topics, testing, puzzles, games, stories and other topics.

Substitute Teacher Guide
Developed by Bozeman (Montana) school district #7, this guide contains many useful suggestions, checklists, and guidelines. Explore all of the topics in the left hand menu.

Education World—Tips and Resources for Subs
Contains many useful suggestion and interesting news articles dedicated to substitute teaching.
Dedicated to subs (guest teachers) this site contains "time killers, funny stories, brain teasers, links, and great guest teaching books."

Subbing Tips
A small collection of subbing tips proposed by practicing subs."

Subbing Articles
A small collection of subbing articles that can provide useful guidance."

360 Education Solutions
An advocacy group for K-12 teachers that works directly with public school districts nation-wide to help empower teachers.

Things to do in the classroom

These resources provide hands on "things to do" if you need to supplement your regular classroom assignments.

Crack the Code: Brain Booster Activities
Provided by, these puzzles, riddles, and games "can help [students] develop good problem-solving skills and improve their creative thinking abilities. These games, sometimes called “brain boosters,” help strengthen reaction time, logical reasoning, math abilities, memory, and processing speed."

Cracking the Code: Mind Sharpening Exercises, Games, Activities and More
Offers a wide variety of pointers to websites and downloadable materials that contains useful riddles, puzzles, illusions, and brain teasers/boosters.

Favorite sources for choosing books

Some of the books recommended by these resources would make wonderful additions for your bag of tricks.

Scholastic Instructor Teachers' Picks
A listing of the top 50 “teachers' picks.” Many of the books are award winning classics. This listing has been compiled by Scholastic and is presented in Instructor magazine. The article is divided into two sections, top 25 picture books and top 25 Chapter Books.

American Library Association - Caldecott Winners
The Caldecott award is given yearly to an artist of distinction for a picture book. The beautiful illustrations add a special dimension to the stories. This site lists of all of winners of the Caldecott medal since 1938.

American Library Association - Newberry Winners
The Newberry award is given to an author for a distinguished contribution to children's literature. This website will point you to a list of Newberry Winners from 1922 - present.

A Children's Literature WebGuide
The University of Calgary provides you with pointers to book lists for children-divided into categories, such as the picture books, best literature for teens, highly recommended books for girls, and so on. Contains resources for storytellers and commentary on children's books.

The Children's Book Council
This Web site will keep you up to date on the latest releases in children's literature. It showcases timely books, seasonal books, etc.

This website gives you a listing of books specifically for teens, including books that were made into movies.

Young Adults Library Association
A wonderful resource for readings specifically for young adults.

Inspirational books about teaching

No one ever said that teaching is easy, and even the very best teachers need inspiration once in a while. The books listed in this section are inspiring for teachers and for anyone who wants to understand teachers.

Liesveld, R., J. Miller and J. Robison, Teach with Your Strengths: How Great Teachers Inspire Their Students, Gallup Press, 2005.
Based on research, this book teaches you how to use your strengths to be the best teacher that you can.

Clark, R., The Essential 55, Hyperion, 2004.
From the heart, Ron Clark details his experiences as a successful teacher. His stories will inspire you.

McCourt, F., Teacher Man: A Memoir, Scribner, 2005
Written by the author of the national bestseller, Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt tells of his early years as a substitute teacher and then as a regular high school teacher in New York City. He made some mistakes, but stumbled on success. His lessons will encourage you to improve.

Done, P., 32 Third Graders One Class Bunny: Life Lessons from Teaching, Gallup Press, 2005.
I know you'll enjoy this beautiful, and very funny book of essays about Phillip Done's experience teaching third graders. He writes in a style that makes it seem as if he is speaking directly to you while you're both eating the cafeteria lunch together!

Katz, R., Elaine's Circle: A Teacher, A Student, a Classroom and One Unforgettable Year, Marlowe & Co., 2005.
A story of a teacher who makes a difference in a child's life. A student is diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his teacher decides that if the child cannot come to class, why not have the class come to him. Inspiring!

Codell, E., Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year, Algonquin Books, 2001.
A diary of a new, idealistic teacher in the Chicago city schools.

Classroom management resources

As I've emphasized throughout Substitute Teaching form A to Z, classroom management is a skill that can be learned. The books listed in this section will provide you with invaluable guidance.

Canter, L., Assertive Discipline, Canter and Associates, 2001.
Lee Canter, a well-respected teaching guru, gives practical advice on behavior management.

Nelsen, J., Positive Discipline, Three Rivers Press, 2001.
Problem solving techniques and class meetings are the focus of this guide.

Wong, H., The First Days of School, Harry Wong Publications, 2004.
Harry Wong's book can be found in virtually every school's library. His chapter on Classroom Management emphasizes positive expectations, rules, and a good discipline plan.

Evertson, C., E. Emmer, and M. Worsham, Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers (7th Edition), Allyn &Bacon, 2005.
Outlines procedures and routines in a specific, practical manner.

Rubinstein, G., Reluctant Disciplinarian: Advice on Classroom Management From a Softy who Became (Eventually) a Successful Teacher, Cottonwood Press, 1999.
This book includes real life case studies for examples. Useful and informative.

If you need a quick fit for a classroom management problem, one of the following Web sites may be able to help:

The Really Best List of Classroom Management Resources
Ways of catching kids “being good,” a very effective method for classroom management, from sticker charts to the raffle ticket system. Practical solutions that work!

Eliminate Disruptive Behavior
A discussion of ways of reaching the ADHD students you will find in every class.

ProTeacher Community
Real teachers (not academics) give you advice on classroom management. You will find ideas like coupons, tickets, behavior charts, etc.

Resource Guide to Bullying
If you've encountered bullying in the cl;assroom and need help in managing the situation, the links provided at this site will provide guidance.

Ideas for Teaching - all subject areas

Some teaching resources are difficult to categorize, yet provide useful information for a sub. The listings that follow cover a variety of teaching topics.

TeAchnology - Online Teacher Resources
Lesson plans, printable worksheets, games, rubrics, and quality worksheets.

Teaching Ideas Center
Language Arts ideas from the National Council of Teachers of English

Ed Helper
Worksheets to Thematic Units across all areas of the curriculum, from pre K to high school.

Well-respected Scholastic provides lesson plans for teachers in an organized fashion. Includes book clubs, message boards, etc.

Lesson plans
Includes seasonal lesson plans, health , PE, Art, LA, Math.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Teaching resources from federal agencies including maps, timelines, arts and music

Provides community links and addresses a variety of global issues and school issues.

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